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Izuky Photography, Mosaic
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Izuky Photography, Mosaic


Cuban photography, with over a century and a half of history, enjoys high prestige in the domestic and foreign levels. Throughout all these years we have had notable artists who have discoursed on the social, cultural and political problems of the island as well as others from more contemporary positions, they appeal to the supremacy of subjectivity and the depth of the concept.In this creative dynamic, where they shake the social, conceptual photography and events in the constant search for quality visual and discursive, Izuky emerges as one of the Cuban photographers who bet harder for wealth and the multifunctional nature of photographic work.

One of the specialties is the photograph Izuky Quinceañeras. A large number of Cuban teenagers Izuky Studio chooses the variety of offers that offers as well as for the exceptional quality of his photographs. Maybe the secret is in the ability of the photographer to combine traditional images with elements of novelty and sophistication or experience and talent that are inherent. The truth is that photography has on teenagers in Cuba Izuky an extremely dignified representation.

Another of his passions is wedding photography. His lens has captured over the years not only the happy faces newlywed Cubans, but also of people of other nationalities.

It is one of the Cuban photographers who most frequently work quality and destination weddings.

Beyond photographer is able to capture a decisive moment of the wedding, Izuky becomes a sort of guide able to recognize places in Cuba more strength and beauty can bring you to the wedding pictures and make your wedding photos a true love story.It is also characterized by professional models to take pictures. In this paper, Izuky shows his undeniable skills to highlight the personality of the models, mixing the inner strength of each one with the universe of fashion and the image you want to project.

But his work is not limited to making fifteen photographs and weddings unforgettable. His restless nature and excellent photographic skills led him to venture into nude photography. Izuky is one of the artists and talent more seriously defends nude photography in Cuba, thereby demonstrating its full ability to express emotions, feelings, concerns through images.

Izuky is a versatile artist. For him photography is life and feelings, so when fifteen appreciate your photographs, nude weddings or feel a special magic that moves us and makes us bet, once again, by contemporary Cuban photography.