Artistic Cuban nude photography - Izuky Photography : quinceañeras y bodas en la habana, cuba. Fotógrafo Izuky Pérez

Artistic Cuban nude photography

nude-art-holguin-17 nude-art-holguin-18 nude-art-holguin-14
Izuky Photography, Mosaic
nude-art-holguin-5 nude-art-holguin-2 nude-art-holguin-3
Izuky Photography, Mosaic
nude-art-holguin-8 nude-art-holguin-13 nude-art-holguin-3
Izuky Photography, Mosaic
nude-art-holguin-4 nude-art-holguin-1 nude-art-holguin-6
Izuky Photography, Mosaic
nude-art-holguin-11 nude-art-holguin-15 nude-art-holguin-21
Izuky Photography, Mosaic
nude-art-holguin-16 nude-art-holguin-7 nude-art-holguin-12
Izuky Photography, Mosaic
r1x1-nude-4 r1x1-nude-6
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Izuky Photography, Mosaic
r3x4-nude-2 r3x4-nude-8 r3x4-nude-21
Izuky Photography, Mosaic
r1x1-nude-1 r1x2-nude-17
r2x1-nude-20 r1x1-nude-7
Izuky Photography, Mosaic
r1x2-nude-21 r1x1-nude-17
r1x1-nude-19 r2x1-nude-20
Izuky Photography, Mosaic
r1x1-nude-7 r1x2-nude-6
r1x2-nude-5 r1x1-nude-9
r1x1-nude-8 r1x2-nude-13
Izuky Photography, Mosaic
r3x2-nude-2 r3x2-nude-12 r3x2-nude-lam
Izuky Photography, Mosaic
r3x4-nude-10 r3x4-nude-23 r3x4-nude
Izuky Photography, Mosaic
r3x4-nude-1 r3x4-nude-11 r3x4-nude-12
Izuky Photography, Mosaic
r2x3-nude-7 r2x3-nude-9 r2x3-nude-25
Izuky Photography, Mosaic
r1x1-nude-4 r1x1-nude-5
r1x1-nude-7 r1x1-nude-8 r1x1-nude-14
Izuky Photography, Mosaic

If you’ve no problems with nudity, and want to browse our photography …Well, you’re really welcome!!

One of the topics that have generated substantial controversy in the history of art is the nude. In painting and photography, as well as in many other expressions, the nude has always been a taboo.

Nowadays, however, humans have evolved in their thinking and the art of the nude is no longer frowned upon by society. Contemplation of human beauty in all its nakedness has caught the attention of major exponents of pictorial art. The pursuit of perfection of the human body has been concern and inspiration for artists through history. In this sense, we can mention works like: The Origin of the World, by Gustave Courbet; Rokeby Venus, by Velázquez; The Three Graces, by Rubens; The nude Maja, by Francisco de Goya and The young ladies of Avignon, by Picasso, among others.

Nudity in art has generally reflected the social standards of aesthetics and morality of the time in which the work was created. This artistic subject is extremely interesting and suggestive; thereby our imagination and our senses are fostered.

In his studio, situated in one of the most central and important avenues of Havana, Izuky, artist of the lens, works and stands for his creative freedom in a society attached –although less and less– to social taboos that impose standards of behavior to the subject.

Each of the images taken by Izuky is the expression of the most sensitive human representation. From what he captures with his camera, Izuky shows us his perception about the art of photographing human bodies in all their nakedness and purity.

It is through his eyes that we see reality. Through his nudes, Izuky puts his work under the consideration of the public. Izuky prints in his photography the stamp of his subjectivity.
When we look at the nude photography by Izuky, we realize that, although the photography itself is important; the most significant and far-reaching is the idea that the artist wants to convey with his work.