Quinceañeras photographer in Cuba - Izuky Photography : quinceañeras y bodas en la habana, cuba. Fotógrafo Izuky Pérez

Quinceañeras photographer in Cuba

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Izuky Photography, Mosaic
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Izuky Photography, Mosaic
In Izuky Photo Studio for “quinceañeras” (fifteen-year-old girls) in Cuba, located in one of the most central arteries of downtown Havana, Infanta street number 1066, you will find several and attractive offers for photos of “quinceañeras” (fifteen-year-old girls), that will make you feel completely pleased.

Being a woman implies many special moments. One of them is when a girl turns fifteen years old. Beforehand, each girl begins to plan how it will be holding fifteen. Some teenagers think of parties; others plan details for a ball or a special day with the family and closest friends. However, there is an element that it is a must and that all look forward to: the desired photos of fifteen-year-old celebration.

Are you about to turn fifteen? You have not decided yet where to make the fifteen-year-old pictures? You have not found a photographer for “quinceañeras” or any option that appeals to you? You have not booked a studio yet to get your photos? Do you want your photos to be unique and original?

With widespread experience in the field of photography, Izuky Studio has the necessary technology —snow-machine, among others— to provide you with a specialized and personalized service, where you will be assisted by professionals with high skill and ability, when it comes to “quinceañeras”.

In Izuky Studio we offer fifteen-year-old photos that keep the traditional and at the same time have a high aesthetic and artistic level, the result of years of experience in working with professional models and fifteen-year-old clients. Therefore, you can get high-quality “quinceañeras” pictures, made with professionalism and originality.

Izuky Studio, in Havana, Cuba, offers many options that will please you. Photo book, photo album, giant posters and customized magazines are some of the proposals that you will enjoy if you choose our services. Furthermore, Izuky not only offers photography in the studio; but also outdoors. In so doing, Izuky takes advantage of the nature and architecture of Havana and other places. Call us, and let yourself be assisted by professionals!