Mobile phone photography - Izuky Photography : quinceañeras y bodas en la habana, cuba. Fotógrafo Izuky Pérez

Mobile phone photography

Desde el móvil. Panorámica del Comodoro

Desde el móvil. Panorámica del centro del mundo

Desde el móvil. Panorámica del centro del mundo

Desde el móvil. Teleférico de Quito

Desde el móvil. Teleférico de Quito


With his cellphone camera, Izuky captures interesting images of Cuba and its most spectacular sceneries. Nowadays, mobile technology is changing the classic patterns of photography. With that evolution, conceptions, paradigms and the manner of expression of human beings are varying.

Spontaneity, naturalness, purity and immediacy are some photography features taken with mobile devices, experience that becomes liberating for the artist of photography.

Mobile technology changes the way we experience and share images. The cameras added to smartphones allow people to capture images spontaneously and share them immediately.

Consequently, social networks —Facebook and Flickr, among others—, the websites and blogs have gained ground in the daily performance of society. Through many applications —Instagram and Pinterest, etc.— people can share their interests with other people; are able to trace their activities or simply share the pleasure induced by a moment or a place.

The growing trend to take pictures with mobile devices affects the way of conceiving photography. Moreover, with this new method, honesty, spontaneity, naturalness and accuracy of the images exposed to the public are benefited.

Today mobile photography shows that what matters is not only the quality of the picture; but also, and above all, the image itself, what it is wanted to be conveyed, the feelings that the photographer may evoke with his work.

The main thing is not how good the image is but the way in which it is captured by the observer and the way people react to the displayed image. Accordingly, in this section, Izuky presents to the public images captured by the lens of his mobile.