People & places - Izuky Photography : quinceañeras y bodas en la habana, cuba. Fotógrafo Izuky Pérez

People & places

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Izuky Photography, Mosaic
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Izuky Photography, Mosaic
Izuky, a photography artist, finds satisfaction in his ritual of taking snaps in each of the places in Cuba where he goes: Photos of Havana, Varadero, Cayo Largo del Sur, Cayo Guillermo and Trinidad, among others Cuban landscapes you could find in his work.

Every moment is important; every instant captured by his lens is special and unique. The ephemeral nature of a moment, a look or an expression is immortalized in an image. Izuky is pleased to take pictures of people in public places, streets, parks, squares and beaches.

Izuky goes through the city and other places in the search of images that demonstrate the wonder in a smile and how special different styles of architecture could be. That is the way in which he inserts himself into the trend of candid photography of places and people. Izuky also take pictures of the sea and the Havanna seawall, where all the inhabitants of the capital have inevitably been.

With vast experience in photography, Izuky has tried out in various styles of photography, including: “quinceañeras” (fifteen-year-old girls), destination wedding photography, professional models and nudes. His extensive work in this area has provided him with high-quality values needed to legitimize his work. Proof of this is the dissemination of his work in international publications.

The photography of places is a genre that has become popular with the passage of time and it is very old and interesting. From this modality, the artist captures reality in the picture in a spontaneous, direct and very stimulating way.